Jimmy choo hunter rainboots

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  1. YAY they are finally here! I posted in The Glass slipper about my horrible experience with jimmy choo! Wrong size at first and then I ordered them and they credited me back.... At least they are here now! May I present my Jimmy Choo rainboots :yahoo:

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  2. Love those! Congrats!
  3. Nice! Congrats
  4. They are so lovely- did want these, but ended up with the Hunter 'festival' boots- funky, but not as cute as the Hunter Choo!
    Mind you I use them for walking the dog through the fields- not sure I could have put the Choo Hunters through that!!!
    Congratulations, they are spectacular- and useful too!!! :graucho:
  5. Stunning! Congrats.
  6. Wishing you many puddles to jump thru! Congrats!;)