Jimmy Choo Heel Replacement?

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  1. I purchased a pair of Jimmy Choo Gilbert pumps a few years ago before the style was discontinued.

    After wearing the shoes a few times I made the mistake of not being careful of where I stepped and accidentally stepped on a sidewalk crack with the heels. Down the heels sank. The right heel suffered an unsightly ding and the left heel suffered a significant tear in the leather.

    For the past couple of years the shoes have been sitting in my closet. While I still really like the pumps, the heels are now aesthetically unattractive and I view it as inappropriate to wear them in their current condition.

    Does anyone know if Jimmy Choo offers a heel replacement service?

    If so, if you have used it, would you be willing to share your experience?

    Picture is of the damaged heels.

  2. Nightmare :crybaby:
    I'd contact JC to enquire, I asked for (and received) replacement heel caps for a pair of Abel pumps. Ok that was just replacement caps, but JC customer service were very helpful. At the very least they could recommend a verified shoe repair service who could fix them.
    Good Luck as they are lovely shoes :smile:
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  3. Hi wee drop o bush,

    Thank you for the reply. I am happy to hear that you had a positive experience with Jimmy Choo's customer service.

    I contacted customer service last week and was informed that since the shoes were discontinued less than five years ago they still have replacement parts for them and should be able to replace the heels for a reasonable fee.

    I will be dropping my pumps off at one of Jimmy Choo's boutiques later this week. The repair is expected to take about two months. I will update my post with how the heel replacement goes.
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  4. Great! :ghi5:
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  5. I picked up my repaired shoes from a Jimmy Choo boutique last week.

    The boutique ordered replacement heels for the Gilbert pumps and had a local shoe repair business put them on the shoes.

    I am pleased with the repair and happy to be able to wear the pumps again.

    Here is a picture of the repaired shoes:
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  6. Good, now you can wear them again :ghi5:
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