Jimmy Choo has arrived...

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  1. Love Love LOVEEEE this bag!!! :love::love::love:


    Did I mentioned I LOVE this bag??? I guess I did!:lol: It's in my spring summer list! I'm going to Jimmy Choo's store in Atlanta next week when I get there ... I can't wait!
  2. This leather looks devine......but the shape is kind of "off" to me. Love JChoo but kinda iffy on this bag.
  3. i agree....the bottom seems kinda disproportional to the top.....like it's about to topple over any second........but somehow it's still kinda appealing.....
  4. I really like the colour! :smile:
  5. Love the hardware. Not sure about the shape. It's the kind of bag I'd need to see in person.
  6. Great color, but not my favorite Jimmy bag. I'm not loving the chain.
  7. I agree, this bag could be a "knockout" in person.
  8. I am usually a Choo fan, but something about this bag doesn't sit right with me. Maybe it'll grow on me :biggrin:
  9. it is so beautiful!
    you have great great taste!!
    do you mind if i ask how much does it cost?
  10. $1450 in saks...

    Maybe that's true.. after looking at it. It's a great bag to look at but maybe not when ur wearing it..

    I'd still like to see it though =)
  11. I love the color but the shape of the bag is goofy.
  12. ive already visited their site. LOVE this bag also!
  13. I LOVE your bag!
    My friend has that one and it goes with everything and is simply stunning!
  14. Love the bag, I have it and every time I carry it I get tons of compliments. The hardware on that color IRL is beautiful. Congratulations.
  15. I don't love this bag though it has some great details (like the chain and buckle). I don't have to love it though, another Choo fan will. I do like that there are bag styles to suite many people in Jimmy Chooland.