Jimmy Choo Gold Metallic Riki

  1. I saw this bag today at Jimmy Choo boutique and LOVED IT. It's still on pre-order on Saks.com, but it's right here where I live. It's what I called crackled suede - Fendi had a spy that was just like that, except that it was in silver crackled suede. Anyone else love it?

  2. I think it is gorgeous! I want to see it in person.
  3. I just came back from Theresa and they had this bag on display. The leather was amazing so soft.I love this bag but me, suede and a light colour will be a disaster.
  4. i think suede bags is not worth the money, cause they get damaged very easily!
  5. Love the style! I couldnt do suede either though.
  6. I didn't think this bag was as soft as the regular leather. It has a rougher feeling to the leather.
  7. Is that suede. I need to see IRL, looks nice but I don't think the pic is doing it justice.
  8. It's gorgeous, but I couldn't do it in suede either, at least not at that price.
  9. That is a really beautiful bag! Are you going to get it, TammyD?
  10. It's so pretty. :girlsigh:
  11. I'm torn between this one and the "wet look" Riki in burgundy leather. The photo doesn't show the rich, sexy golden color of this bag, which is what I love about it. I've never seen a bag in this beautiful color.

    I'm worried about the suede, and yes it is pricey. Sigh. I dunno, I'm thinking so hard but I might not get it after all.
  12. I love it!
  13. Hot!