Jimmy Choo Fall Bags now available!

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  1. At Saks...here they are, well some of them! Enjoy!
    [​IMG]$1850, available in Khaki Green & Black
    [​IMG]$1395, gold only
    [​IMG]$1850, black only
    [​IMG]$1895, red & black
    [​IMG]$1200, brown only
    [​IMG]$2200, black only
    [​IMG]$995, Leopard only
  2. I love these!

  3. Certainly some nice choices! The red one really caught my eye, thanks for sharing!!
  4. very pretty!
  5. I love the metallic suede!! :heart: :heart:
  6. Very nice!
  7. Those are some very stylish bags but for the price they better be,right?
  8. I am loooooooving that khaki color! It makes the leather look even more delicious than before. Uh oh!
  9. Love these!!! Can't wait to see what else comes out for fall!
  10. These are beautiful - the first two (with the two interwoven bands) particularly caught my eye. Thanks for posting the pics!
  11. FIERCE! I'm loving. Well, I always love Jimmy bags!
  12. I looooove Jimmy bags! I was checking one out in Saks the other day knowing my husband would kill me if I bought it.
  13. They all look so nice!
  14. I dont usually like ANY of these bags..but that red one is super CUTE!
  15. :yahoo: the Ramona is finally in black!!!!!:biggrin:

    .........That is the Ramona right? The site is calling it Double Ring Bucket Bag......