Jimmy Choo experts HELP!!!

  1. I've fallen in love with these babies


    unfortunately i have no idea how they run TTS US or size down or up

    NAP suggested i take a full size up but i've had a bad experience from there recommendations i only own 1 jimmy choo pair they're the warwick ballet flats and they fit perfectly TTS US but i don't know how heels run????
  2. I will say that the clogs I have do run small. I am a 38.5US and the 39's fit with no room to spare. I also found that the strap running over the toe area on mine was a bit tight, luckily I have skinny feet. If you are a half size definately size up!
  3. thanks :hugs:
  4. I'm a Choo addict. I own their mid-calf boots with the square toe box in all colors. Their boots are the only ones that fit my skinny calves perfectly. I've had them for years and they can still rock any outfit. I take them to the Leather Spa before I put them away after each season. I wear US 8.5 B. Open toe high heels and pumps, I go up a size. Boots a size up to a size and a half. I can hook you up with my associate of over a 15 years at their flagship store. My faves are my take-no-prisoners hot pink snakeskin ankle wrap stilletos w/pink swarovski crystals at tips of thin leather straps. I have the Margo pumps in all colors, as well. Cuz they fit me perfectly. I've also had them for a half a dozen seasons. I think it's sold out everywhere but their paisley lace up rock star knee high boots never fail to get me out of any funk. I must confess that, lately, I have been living in their 2012 24/7 metallic skimmers with JIMMY CHOO laser cut on the rubber soles. So comfy and gentler on my bunions. Aging sucks!
  5. I have 3pairs of Choo's and I found them to all run true to size... One pair of ballet flats and two pairs of the metallic skimmers mentioned by Pinkpythons - they truly are a great looking comfy shoe! :smile: