Jimmy Choo Ember?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I love the Jimmy Choo Ember Pumps in textured black patent.

    They are on sale in a local boutique for $302.00 ... wondering if that is a good deal or should I wait and hope for a further reduction?

    Here's a picture of the shoes: Jimmy Choo Ember

    To compare, Distractions has the gray eel version on sale for $218.75: Gray Eel Version.

    TIA ;)
  2. If they have them in your size and you absolutely love them, I would get them before they sell out. That's not a bad price and although there's a possibility they will be reduced further, there's also the possibility that they'll sell out at that price.
  3. That's a killer deal. I have them in Bordeaux and picked them up at BG for $345.00 (3rd mark down). I'd been watching them and was waiting for another reduction as they're screamin high and won't get too much wear.
    Jimmy Choo Croc-Embossed Pumps BORDEAUX.JPG Jimmy Choo 001.JPG Jimmy Choo 002.JPG
  4. Ooooh the bordeaux is pretty!

    Yeah I'm nervous about them selling out... they have a few left in 7.5 and 8... but last time this happened, I waited too long and ended up missing the shoes :sad:

    The kid leather version is on sale for $288... usually the boutique issues 15-30% coupons in the mail but this year they haven't done any... I'm going to wait until Wednesday and go back to the store... thanks everyone :smile:
  5. I just wanted to thank you for the link. I just grabbed those Eel beauty's!
  6. Hi
    I have the black ones and I would not wait for a cheaper price :tup:

  7. lol thanks everyone... my boyfriend staged an intervention lol ... so I'm going to try to sell a few of my other designer shoes first (most of them are brand new :tumbleweed:smile: and then I'll buy the Jimmy Choo Ember if the store still has them... crossing my fingers that they will still be there ;)
  8. You should check and see if they got marked down. I got these yesterday on sale at Saks. They were marked down a second time and then it was an additional 50% off the sale price. They came out to be $150.
  9. Omgosh!! Which Saks was this? Did they have any in 37.5 or 38? I'm in the NY/Philly area but I'll have them shipped to me... it beats the boutique prices in my area!
  10. This was the Saks in the Houston Galleria. I'm not sure what sizes they had left but you can call and ask. If they don't have them they may be able to tell you if another store does. Hope you find them!
  11. Thanks so much!! I called today but sadly they are all out of stock :sad: ahhh well!
  12. lol guy

    good luck!!! hee hee
  13. If anyone is looking for these in an 41, the Nordstrom Rack in Colma has a pair, $249.97, they will do charge sends.