Jimmy Choo Durum or Youth Biker Moto Boots Sizing Comfort ...reviews?

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  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if any of you have Jimmy Choo flat Youth boots or the Durum boots? I have wanted these boots for awhile...and I recently went in and tried on the Jimmy Choo boots with the straps crisscrossing (they were very stiff around the width of my foot) .... I am normally a size 8 in Tory Burch Millers. and have a few pairs of size 39 boots in my closet from Dolce..... Are the Jimmy Choo Durum's stiff leather? or are they super comfy? Broken in? Soft Leather? I have wanted these for awhile but have gone to - Jimmy Choo, the shoe box..ext and they are no longer available except for on ebay. So it's a one shot type of got to get it right thing. I like my boots a bit looser but I had a size of 39 Gucci boots that were SO heavy and too big... Almost clunky. I want a light, very comfortable - minimalist biker, moto boots in brown.

    I think the 38.5 will allow me to wear socks comfortly and not make it look like I am wearing "huge" boots ...any feedback? Any of you have experience owning the Jimmy Choo Youth or Durum Boots? I am becoming a minimalist and need one good pair of flat "moto" or biker boots to wear with Skinny Jeans...for Spring and Fall...

    I really appreciate any feedback at all...just don't want to spent 300-700 on a pair of boots that don't fit right. Any type of info you guys have would be great. As I can no longer see the reviews on these boots as they are not for sale except for on ebay anymore. Best! Hedy
  2. I just found a pair of Durums and found that I had to go up one size.
  3. Are your feet wide, medium, or narrow? I do not have either of these styles, but the Choo Motos I have are in 39, and I regularly wear 38.5 in their flats. My foot width is medium
  4. I have the biker boots, the regular mid-calf length, not the youth length. Oddly I had to size down. I wear 37.5 in JC heels, but had to get a 37 in these boots. I have medium foot width.
  5. I just bought the youth boots. Since there is no store near where I live, I have to order online. I'm a size 36 / 36.5 and wasn't sure which size to order. I went with 37 since it can get cold here where I live. And 37 is perfect with thicker socks. 36.5 would have been too tight I think. But if you don't plan to wear them with thick socks, I say go with your usual size.
  6. Hi all, I found a pair of Jimmy Choo Moto Boots for a great price. Are these still "in"? I've read reviews on Saks, Nordstrom and don't see any recent reviews. The latest ones are from 2015. Anyone have these and still in love with them?
  7. I just bought a pair last september and loooove them. But I always loved biker boots and had several cheaper ones over the years. So for me, they don't go out of style.