Jimmy Choo distressed/watersnake

  1. I fell in love with the distressed leather on this bag, but am afraid of the watersnake trim.

    Does anybody have a bag with snake trim & if so is it hard to care for?? Is it delicate or can I treat it as an everyday bag? The leather is so soft yummy that I would rather have it than the classic leather Ramona.

    Any advice for a big chicken who tends to abuse her bags??
  2. I have a lot of snakeskin bags... I love exotics - snakeskin is definitely more delicate than leather & gets worn more easily but looking at that JC I wouldn't worry 'cause I don't think it's in a position that is easily worn... I find the worst place for snake skin is the handles!!! Love the bag - I think you should go for it ;)

    Also there are leather creams that you can use to clean exotics - but only use a really small amount & use it in discreet place first to check it won't affect any dyes used!
  3. Thanks shop@holic :smile:

    Do you know if the scales peel if you use a bag often? I a REALLY want it, the leather is the main reason. I'm not much of a snakeskin kind of a gal, just because I don't like to baby my everyday bags.
  4. I have this bag and LOVE it :smile: I am also a bag abuser but have had great luck with a Chloe python and a Kate Spade snakeskin-trim tote, so I'm not worried about the JC at all. Also it's worth noting that the snake on the JC just seems very durable compared to other snake bags--not much "lifting" at time-of-purchase. Obviously I haven't had it long but I'm just not concerned about it at all. Also please note--InStyle magazine this month had a feature on how to care for bags, and it said not to EVER put ANY kind of treatment on snakeskin. So for sure if you are going to try one on your JC test it someplace discreet first!!!!
  5. I don't have personal experience with the snakeskin, but I am a Jimmy Choo Ramona fan. (I have the bordeaux patent.) Whichever one you decide to get, they are great bags. Good luck.:yes:
  6. :yahoo: thanks thalillady,
    is the leather getting even softer?? It felt so wonderful in the store, I couldn't stop smooshing it. I thought I was sold on a Botega until I wandered into Jimmy Choo & held this bag, it just felt right :love:
  7. Love It -- Wow
  8. :wtf: :nuts: :drool: Probably the most gorgeous bag I've ever seen in the wild!! *swoon* Lucky lady.
  9. YES it is getting even softer!!!! I can't stop petting it. I dragged it around traveling and to the rodeo all last week and it's like the more I drag it with me the softer and smooshier it gets! My friend told me a look like a freak and that people shouldn't find transcendental joy in consumer goods but I just don't care. BEST. PURCHASE. THIS. YEAR.
  10. PS also you can fit SO MUCH stuff in it. I had all manner of magazines, two caps, some flip-flops, sunglasses, maps, all kinds of stuff. I am totally obsessed with it. It is now my official traveling purse.
  11. I wondered the same thing. I haven't used mine often yet. The scales are small unlike Python that peel easily so I'm not that worried about it.

    What color are you thinking of getting? I got the tan. There's a picture of it in the "my new choo" thread.

    Your right, it is the most amazing leather. That's what sold me on it plus the trim makes it pop.

  12. Aww, thanks. It's my favorite bag right now! :love:
  13. Get it --you will love it!!
  14. i have this bag in black and love it! had the same concern and asked the same question here. i think the snake might lift at some point but i believe the snakeskin is pre-laquered to help prevent. have been using my bag everyday just am careful especially when putting it down

    i also fell in in love with the great distressed leather and the contrast of the subtle shine of snakeskin trim!
  15. I want the black one, I just realized that I do not have a great black bag. The classic leather is nice, but this distressed is so amazing! I better get on the ball & call Jimmy Choo before they sell it to someone else.