Jimmy Choo copying fendi's b bag !!!!

  1. i'am realy surprised .... !! what happen to those designer .. ?!!

    this is jimmy choo new creation :


    which i think copy this fendi b bag:
    the same style, the same shape .. just the materials differes :yucky: :sweatdrop:


    what do you think???
  2. :shame: :shame: :amazed: I expect lower end designers to copy designs but, Jimmy Choo?? Well, they do say the ultimate form of flattery is copying...I gues the designers at the House of Choo loves Fendi too.:shrugs:
  3. I find that strange since for me Choo isNT particulary cheap either ! XD

    If I had enough money for a Choo I'd rather save up a bit more for the original lmao

  4. me too .. if i saw unknown designer copy big brands i won't get surprised because in that case they do it seeking fame ... but when a brand like jimmy choo do it that means lack of creative :yucky: so what they need is a new designer with new vision & fresh mind
  5. didn't jimmy choo have that style for quite some time now?? i dont think he is copying.
  6. ^^^ You're right. He actually did this bag some time ago. This is not a new style and I'm sure he's not copying Fendi.
  7. :yes: The style is kinda classic Jimmy Choo bag.
  8. SO, does this mean that Fendi is copying Jimmy Choo?:wtf:
  9. To me those purses are pretty different, and I'm sure Fendi was not the first to put buckles on a purse. It looks like the Jimmy Choo buckles are metal, not leather or plastic like the Fendi ones.

    This Guess belt on the other hand...
  10. I think there are more differences than there are similarities in the two bags.
  11. I think the Choo bag has been around longer.
  12. Looks really similar.
  13. In the 90s I would always see Fendi and Gucci bags with similar shapes and designs but I always thought Gucci was copying Fendi but now I wonder…