JIMMY CHOO Burgundy Ramona s/s '07

  1. I am desperately in need of opinions, and I figured this would be the best place to get your thoughts on the new Jimmy Choo Burgundy Ramona. :flowers:

    I have loved my Jimmy Choo Patent Bordeaux Ramona so much :love: that I've been on the look out for another Choo bag to use for spring/summer.

    Along comes the burgundy Ramona, and I'm still torn between it and the red Jimmy Choo Mahala. Now I am trying to decide whether:
    (1) to keep the burgundy ramona, or
    (2) get the caramel color instead, or
    (3) get the smaller RIKI version, or
    (4) get the RED MAHALA instead.
    BTW, excuse my poor camera skills - I can't get the burgundy color to appear as deep as it is IRL (too salmon-y in my pics).

    Please help me decide! :shrugs:
    front resized.JPG front close resized no flash.JPG pic resized.JPG camel ramona.jpg red mahala.jpg
  2. I saw this bag last week and it is very beautiful, it has the snakeskin on it right. From your post you already have the patent Riki:love: so I say go for a different syle or the carmel ramona. the bag looks great on you by the way.
  3. Thanks sjunky! It is definitely the Ramona with the snakeskin detailing. I've been trying the bag on with different summer outfits, and I'm wondering whether it'll be too big for lighter summer clothes.
  4. The bag is gorgeous. Especially the snake skin, it looks great. If I had to choose between this one and Mahala, I think I would go for a red Mahala- I really love this bag.
  5. Since you already have the patent bordeaux my vote is for the camel Ramona.
  6. WOW! I am not a Jimmy Choo fan, but the bag in the first picture is to die for!!!!
  7. Big bags are in for spring! I love the red...it's amazing.
  8. Stinam: I've gotta agree with Kat. You know that I feel your pain, because I own a patent bordeaux Ramona too, and I don't want to give it up when it turns real hot out. (Although I do plan on wearing my patent Ramona well into the spring, because lots of designers are showing patent in their S/S lines.)

    Anyway, in my opinion, you don't need two Ramona's in the same color range. I'm not big on buying multiples of the same bag. At the very least, go for the Camel Ramona. It's a gorgeous color for S/S. Or the Mahala. Share the love! ;)
  9. Camel Ramona - gorgeous!
  10. Both Ramonas are TDF, but i think i like that burgundy the best. The color and the snakeskin are just beautiful. I need to add this bag to my most wanted list!!!!
  11. Agree with Kat & Cosmopolitan.
    Burgundy Ramona is so gorgeous though...
  12. I agree, the camel Ramona OR have you seen the belted tote on the BG site? [​IMG]

    This might be another great option.:nuts:
  13. I really love that red Mahala!
  14. i like the 4th bag on the list..the brown bag..
  15. In the very least, I think you should branch out into other colors even if you get another Ramona. The Camel would be a nice neutral for Spring.