Jimmy Choo bulldog shoes....

  1. That is just awful. I can understand these shoes as a collectors piece, but I think that I would laugh if I saw someone wearing them. Sorry if I am offending anyone.
  2. :weird::p
  3. Those are very real. There was a matching bag too. JC did them for Anya Hindmarch a while ago.
  4. And people are bidding!!!
  5. Possibly the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. Even without the bulldog, they would still be hideous.​
  6. :yucky: tacky
  7. Im sure someone that is a huge fan of bulldogs might appreciate those shoes. Just not my cup of tea.
  8. Those are kinda funny looking. I have to admit if they had a Maltese on them I might buy them.
  9. LOL, I love bulldogs... but I don't need images of them splattered across my toes! Those are too much!
  10. bwahahaha
  11. I could totally see a Mississippi State Fan wearing those shoes!
  12. Our local school mascot is a Bulldog-people have bulldogs and wear bulldog items incessantly. I could totally see someone falling in love and wearing these,if this crowd got into Choo.