Jimmy Choo Black Slick Calfskin Rana Bag STEAL!

  1. This bag is available at ScoopNYC - Chicago location.
    Price is $599 (fairly sure) :yahoo:and shipping is $15.
    Ask for Teddy
    He is a super SA :love:

    Jimmy Choo bag 002.jpg Jimmy Choo bag 003.jpg Jimmy Choo bag 001.jpg
  2. Wow - that IS a steal! :nuts:
  3. chicbags - did you see this IRL? I was there last week and I'm pretty sure this one had some serious scratching on the clasp.
  4. OMG! That purse is GORGEOUS!!! I would LOVE that purse...except I already have a RM Black with Basketweave purse that is also black with gold hardware...but wow wow wow!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  5. It technically is at the Hampton's store, just arrived there today.
    So, I don't think it is the some one you saw.

    But NO, I have not seen in IRL - I am in CA, so I don't pay tax from Scoop.:woohoo:
  6. I have that bag, it is gorgeous in real life. That is a great price, 60% off! However, the clasps do look scratched in the photo.
  7. Drool....I love it....who is getting it???? Can't wait to hear! Kiley
  8. Thanks for posting this!!! I've become a Choo-holic and I would be soooo tempted to break my ban (since end of 06/07 - that's 7 mts. so far!) but if and ONLY IF... this bag came in another color. *whew!* that was a close one...

  9. Not me...the $15.00 shipping put me over budget! :lol: