Jimmy Choo Black Knee High Boots?

  1. Hi everyone! I am looking for a pair of great winter boots. Comfort is important, but style is probably more important. I can't break the bank for a pair of shoes, but I would like a good pair that will last a long time. It is inevitable that when I break in a good pair of shoes they fall apart. I have been looking at a few Jimmy Choos on eBay, but there are only a couple in my size. Any recommendations? They must be knee high, and preferably with some sort of a pointed toe. It can be a square point, but nothing round. They make my legs look fat!:push:

    If anyone has a good pair they're willing to part with, I might be interested! (Size 7-8.5 US)

  2. are you asking for advice on the boots on eBay or looking for sellers here on the forum? i dont think the latter is allowed...but i have the peony boots in brown, camel and black and they're great. 85mm, not too high or too low.
  3. JChoo web has a few..... no specials or anything...YET.... I personally :heart: this ones!!

    Peony in Black
    Heel height: 85mm/3.5"

    Rose in coffee
    Heel Height: 65mm/2.5"
  4. Though a beautiful boot, I had a rough time with the Peony's. The upper on the boot rubbed on the top of my foot and made walking in them painful.

    I donated them after two wearings. :crybaby:
  5. The calves on the Choo's do run small. I tried Rose at a JC boutique and they did not fit. The SA said they run small. You may want to try on a pair at a Saks or NM if you are near one of them and can't get to a boutique.
  6. Thanks for all the comments so far! :smile: I didn't mean that i was looking to buy any here particularly, but I did not realize that was against the rules. My apologies. I was really just wondering about some styles/designers that might be moderately priced that will last and feel great.
  7. I have several pairs of JChoo boots and love them! I just bought Fudge in tobacco and they have 85mm (3 1/4 inch) heel, but are pretty comfy. I won't go any higher, I'd probably fall on my face! I also have tulip in black with a 65mm heel that I wear with jeans. The calves are small on the knee length, but I have small calves so they are good for me. I can even get my jeans tucked in...
  8. From what I'm hearing maybe I should go for a different designer. I don't know how Jchoo compares to cheap boots, but if the calf is small, count me out. I bought a wonderful pair of boots at Dillards about two years ago and wore them every day until the heel broke. No one around here could fix them, and of course they don't sell them anymore. I knew I should have went back for a second pair! Haha I did find a good pair of brown boots after endless searching last winter...I only paid about $100 (which I'm sure seems like nothing to all of you, but hey...I don't have a ton of money). I never found a black pair that fit. It really seems to be a problem that there are no good stores here...no saks, NM, BG...nothing but Dillards and mall stores. :sad:
  9. I think Victorias secret catalogue has some cute boots around $100. and they will do returns if they don't fit.
  10. Thanks! I will check that out. I don't mean that I'm only looking to spend $100, but that happened to work out last fall. I would be much happier to spend more for a pair that will last! My favorite black pumps have now broken too, so maybe if I look for a higher end designer I will see better quality.
  11. I've found that end of season on Ebay is sometimes where you find the ultimate bargains. I got a pair of brand new Choo "Prince" boots (wider shaft, crushed black patent leather, square toe) for a fraction of what they're worth.
  12. Have you taken a look at the Donald Pilner Elisa boot? They are less (abotu $300) and are well made. They are also a stretch boot and run a little wider than CHoos. Zappos and Nordstrom carry them. Here's a pic: