Jimmy Choo Bags ON SALE AT NM.com

  1. Ladies, if you have not seen it yet,go to deals section and follow the link to the sale at nm.com.
  2. You have to stop telling me about these sales:ban:
  3. Sorry :s I should probably stop looking at bags too, but until then....Look what is headed my way!
  4. What a BEAUTY! Congrats:yahoo:
  5. I wish the black Mahala would go on sale!
  6. STOP!! That Marcia bag is gorgeous! I can't... Robynbenz found me my badly NEEDED Navy Ramona... and I just got a new Prada ....oh, Bittymonkey -- are you going to pop for the Marcia? Somebody from the PF has to buy her!:yes:
  7. that Marcia bag IS tempting. hmmm.....
  8. Oh, Zophie.. I KNOW!! I've looked at it again and again. Are you on a "ban" or can you adopt her?:yes:
  9. I just ordered the Marcia. Wasn't planning on getting that bag but I do need a brown bag and couldn't pass it up!
  10. Congrats. =)
  11. Oh, Zophie! I am SO excited for you!! I will live vicariously through you for this bag:yahoo:. Be sure to post pics when the new one arrives!
  12. Congrats:yahoo:

    I am so glad you got it and am looking forward to seeing photos of you wearing it:nuts: