Jimmy Choo bags @ Jomashop!

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  1. BEWARE of Jomashop. They have lousy customer service. I am still working on a problem with them for almost 2 months. They kept sending me the wrong bag and gave me the runaround. I've finally reported them to the BBB.
  2. jburgh, you're still dealing with the montainge problem? Did you see the black and brown ring bags they're offering? They look like calf....I thought that style only came in biker leather, with and without snakeskin trim.....am I mistaken?
  3. Are these authentic?
  4. YES:tdown: Still dealing with the Montaigne problem. They've asked me to fax and email the FedEx receipts 6 times now. If you look at the BBB website, they get slammed.:police: It pains me to see good deals there, but then I remember the hassle of dealing with their lack of quality control. :cursing:

    As for the Ring, it is available in other leathers. The calf is one. There is also a shiny patent, and a suede version. This is a testament to the bag, it is becoming a classic and has a legion of fans. I have the black biker/snake and it seems slouchier than the calf and patent versions. I remember the brown calf Ring was on sale dirt cheap in December...Saks, I believe. I tend to stay away from suede bags because I worry about color transfer from bag to clothing.

    If you take the plunge and order, be prepared for the potential to pay for your savings in aggravation.
  5. jburgh, after your aggravations I deleted the site from my bookmarks and all but forgot about them. You're right, it's painful to see good deals. I don't have the patience or fortitude to deal with them though. I hope you resolve your problem with them soon.
  6. ^^Oh no...they have a Maddy in cognac! And a Red Rock! These are my size bags. If they had a coupon, I would take the risk for one of those bags!
  7. And I believed you when you said you were on a buying BAN!:ban:

    It's just not fair Is it!:busted

    Well I guess You haven't bought anything yet....:s
    Will Power!:sweatdrop:
    Just trying to HELP!:roflmfao:

  8. ^^Oh shut-up... I am on a ban. It has lasted all of what...2 weeks?:banned:
  9. And What About.........
    These Are mighty tempting also aren't they?:graucho:


    I bet they got them in your size.....:lol:
    Yep they sure do!:yahoo:

    Not that I:angel: would want you to renig on that amazingly long record breaking 2 week long BAN.:roflmfao:

  10. Well, you beat me. I only last two days . . one day.. a couple of hours? Two weeks is a great achievement if you ask me. :woohoo:
  11. lionlaw - but I hear the gnat scientists are working on a drug to strengthen gnat willpower. Perhaps they will ask you to be their first human test subject?
  12. LOL, I could be their first subject if they never want to get out of the trial stage. They are going to have to make a vat of it the size of an elephant tranquilizer to slow me down. There are just too many lovelies out there that need a home.

    But-- I am in good company here with all the Choo girls because there are some mighty impressive bag collections amassed between the ladies here. Your bottegas alone are drool worthy.
  13. Not much can I say to that, lol. Perhaps they would need two human test subjects. I am *trying* to be good, but I'm afraid that the Platinum Ossidato Cabat has my name on it. I'm just hoping the Choo black drummed Roxie and elasticised python Beale make it to the summer sales.