jimmy choo accessories and saks inventory....

  1. hi ladies....

    have not even received my first bags yet and i'm already plotting what i need to get to put inside....;)
    does anyone know if Saks carries either of the two sets of accessories posted below?:shrugs:
    i have my Saks SA looking, but he is not up on jimmy choo (he is my chanel SA) and does not know what Saks bought. i have egcs burning a hole in my pocket and would love to purchase from saks, if they carry these items. did not see them online either.

    thanks so much!:flowers:
    the first items would be to match my plum liquid patent mahala.....wallet and cosmetic case.

    then, the zebra print items...called zanzibar....i know they are not for everyone, and i did not realize i'd like them, but i really do! casey mentioned animal prints as a great "surprise" inside a bag and it really is true..but i have concerns.... does this print/calf hair wear well?
    i do take good care of my things, but if i purchased it i'd really use these items every day....could i treat/protect them?:confused1: i am most concerned with the white areas soiling with hand oils etc....any input if anyone owns anything from this line would be much appreciated.:yes:
    Utah_liquid_patent1.jpg Cosmetic_bag1.jpg Unity_and_Ulm1.jpg
  2. Mick - I love the plum wallet but haven't seen it at Saks in person or online. I know the Jimmy Choo boutiques put it on sale for 30% off. I did get the smaller liquid plum wallet from Nordstroms but it was too small and I returned it. The zanzibar looks amazing! Good luck on your search.
  3. ^^thanks.:flowers: i know the boutique has it on sale. i'll def go that route if saks does not carry it, but if i can get a better deal, i want to!;)
    yeah, i really like that zebra print, but i wonder about durability?:shrugs:
  4. I just have to say wow Mick those items are amazing. You have me thinking about getting the cosmetic case since mine is well really starting to feel it's age.
  5. ^^ pretty, right? :girlsigh:i'm a sucker for accessories:upsidedown:.....can't get enough....wish they also made a key case in that plum liquid patent....:yes:
  6. I like the zebra but... the ponyhair gave me second thoughts. :s Going back to my I-almost-bought-it-in-millisecond Alex Ponyhair - that was something I'll be using a LOT. And my SA really really tried to make sure I'm aware of it. And same thing, I'm a maintenance freak. So.. if you really really think you'll be using them ever so faithfully everyday until they quit on you - I suggest you might want to re-evaluate. It will be sad if your beautiful Zebra print has coffee stains or fell on the ground, or bald (?).. yeah, there's my 2 cents. :idea:
  7. ^^ thanks abi. ;)yeah. true. i wonder if i could treat them with a stain repellant?:shrugs: i think i can get past losing some hair off the items ( not as noticeable imo) but would have issues when/if the white parts started looking dirty.....:nogood:
  8. stain repellant.. you know.. Jburgh mentioned AppleGard that she uses. But.. I think she sprays them on leather (?) Jburgh, please correct me if I'm not remembering this right.. But on ponyhair, I'm a little iffy what we can use to protect it.

    And yes I agree, when white is turning into gray.. no matter how pretty and expensive the bag is... it's.. you know.. :s
  9. ^^ i think an animal print, for me, is best in smaller doses. :shame:
    looks great on others, but not sure i could pull it off. :sweatdrop:that is why i thought a little "wild side" inside the bag was a :supacool: idea...
    i was thinking something like scotchguard maybe :shrugs:....i'll read my bottle at home and see if it mentions if it it would work on calf hair....
  10. AppleGard is only for calf leather, buffalo leather, goat leather, and suedes

    Never on patent finishes, reptile skin, nubuck, or hair/fur.

    I wouldn't put anything on hair.
  11. thanks jburgh.:flowers:
    edited this bc you answered my second question. i think i may pass bc for the money, i'd worry about it too much....:sad:
  12. there you go.. A very thorough evaluation. :tup:

    Thanks jburgh!
  13. Mick I just remember my mom has pony hair chairs and they are probably a couple of years old and have held up quite well. I think there is some white but not as much. But if it makes you nervous I would definitely pass. But I do believe it holds up pretty well.
  14. ^^thanks sweetie! that is good to know.:yes:
    i might go for it if i can get them at saks ( so cheaper with my egcs) and just be more careful than i ordinarily am.:sweatdrop: i'll keep ya'll posted!:tup: