Jimmy Choo -50%

  1. Jimmy Choo has -50% sale in online boutique (not sure about the stores). Just thought you should know if you're looking for a bargain :tup::yes:
  2. man everything good is gone! or rather...ANYTHING in my size
  3. How do these fit? I usually wear a 5 in heels, so I should get a 35 or a 35.5?
  4. I usually find JC's run a little small. I wear a 38 in Coach, 39 in Manolo, and can sometimes fit into a JC 39, however most of the time it's more like a 40.
  5. awww i looooooove their shoe boots but sold out in EVERY size :crybaby:
  6. Me too....no luck in my size. :crybaby:
  7. There's some great scores at the boutiques too right now.
  8. Funny but I have had the opposite with me. I thought they ran a bit big. All feet are different I guess it only matter what expensive shoes you put them into.