Jimmy Choo 50% Off

  1. In the boutique - started this morning:yahoo:
  2. Thanks, but on what?
    Was the Slick red Riki on sale?
  3. I don't believe that I actually passed by today without stopping by!:crybaby:
  4. Is there a Jimmy Choo website?
  5. There is a website, but the items are a little more expensive than what I find them for in the stores here because they use British currency then you have to convert it to US money. You actually have to change the currency at the top of the screen to US dollars when you first enter the site.

  6. I really want these biker boots. I checked online and they are only about 30% off, do you think they will be 50% in the store??
  7. Thanks for that info diva....I definitely will wait until I can get them at a store...