Jimmy Choo $172

  1. Thanks! I just got the size 8. I have never bought this brand, do they run small, or are they true to size?
  2. I have the ones you got, I think they run pretty true to size or just a bit smaller and are very comfortable.
  3. Thank you soo much! This is such a great deal!!! My first J.C shoes and what a great deal!
  4. Enjoy!
  5. Thanks ikny!
    I think i got the last pair of JC pumps, what a great deal !!!
  6. Saks' instore shoe deals are even better

    Got a pair of Armani stack-heeled pumps today at the NYC location for $139 (originally $600!) :yahoo: There's also some Miu Miu pumps going for around the same or less (I already own a similar MM pair, but I considered them momentarily just the same ;) ) Oh! And some Louboutins that are marked down to $209...plus an additional 25% off(!) for a grand total of $156! :-o
  7. SOO UPSET... i just got a "cancellation" order. :noggin:
  8. Oh hon - so sorry to hear :sad: I was living vicariously through you for this purchase too (sharing in your joy and all), as I have yet to find my first pair of must have JC's too - I was so happy for you. This bites.
  9. oh no! how long after you placed the order did you receive the cancellation??
  10. My order got cancelled too!!! :push:
  11. Oh no! Sorry girls! I guess going instore is the best bet on catching these deals
  12. What a bummer! I hope you gals can find another great deal.
  13. Sorry you got the cancellation. You could try calling customer service to see if they are still available in any store.
  14. Jchoo.com has their 50% off sale going on...