Jim Carrey's (HILARIOUS) speech honoring Meryl Streep

  1. My brother showed this to my parents. My parents directed my attention to it.

    I think it's funny and touching and sweet.

  2. Very funny thank you caitlin!
  3. LOL!! The Jack Nicholson impersonation and the pointing at Robert DeNiro and singing "you're even better than him, yes, I am pointing at you". :roflmfao: And the flower she threw that hit him right on his head!!!! No smiley can express my insane laughter.
  4. LOL I loved that! I've never seen that anywhere yet. I love Jim Carrey. I love how humble Meryl Streep looks.

    Thanks for posting!

    I thought he was going to end his whole speech with a final joke, but his last words were really quite touching.