Jim Carrey on the View: "Tattoos and Chloe' Purses"

  1. Jim Carrey is on the View and he was just talking about wearing fake tattoos for his movie, The Number 23, and he had them on in sex scenes and women loved it, and Jenny told him he could come home like that.

    So then he sad, "tattoos and Chloe' purses" meaning women love them both!

    Jim strikes again! Chloe' must be Jenny's fave!
  2. yep, saw a piccie of jenny carrying her new Chloe bag the other day, will try and find it for ya!!
  3. et voila!!

  4. A man who knows his stuff! Fabby
  5. Yes a sense of humour, a full head of hair, AND he buys Chloe bags. This could well be the perfect guy lol :biggrin:
  6. Not to mention those incredible eyebrows!!! hee hee


    they're too cute together.
  8. I'm not noramally a fan of hers but she looks adorable in that pic! (Or maybe i'm just seeing the bag, lol!)
  9. yes, maybe its impossible to look bad when carrying a bag this fabby :biggrin:
  10. I saw 4 interviews now where he's mentioned the fact that he bought her a chloe bag for her birthday!!
    He's giving them great advertisement with all that name dropping!!
    I keep wondering which one he bought her - I bet it was the Bay!!
    I can't wait till the razzi photographs her wearing it!!
  11. Derrrr, there's a pic here posted of her carrying it!!
    Sorry for the brain fart!! LOL
    OK, so it's not the bay, it's been on MY mind lately.......
  12. Now that I looked (idiot I am) - I must gloat, my hubby brought me home the SAME bag (but in mastic) few weeks ago.........and my hubby is COVERED in tatoos!!!!
    Oh my God - my man just might be a catch and I never even knew it!! LOL
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. That's soooo cute!
  15. The bag looks great and the look really cute together!

    Chodessa, your man buying you a bag you want makes him a catch IMO, LOL!