Jim Belushi at JAX airport Sunday

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  1. So there I was... outside Starbucks in the Jacksonville, FL airport Sunday and I kept looking at the guy on the bench across from me and to the left thinking he looked just like Jim Belushi. He had sunglasses on, but would take them off for a few minutes, then put them back on. He was talking to a guy who was sitting on the bench across from him... manager, perhaps? That guy looked like the man who was on West Wing who played Leo (it wasn't, I know). Anyway, my husband met me after returning our rental car and I said, "look over my shoulder... is that Jim Belushi?" And he looked and said, "absolutely!" He is always spot on with these things, so I should have trusted my gut. I wanted to go introduce myself and just say "hello" but I used to be a news anchor and I know what it's like to not be able to even go buy a gallon of milk without people coming up and saying, "hey... aren't you...???" So I didn't approach him. But he looked like a normal, friendly guy. DO wish I'd gotten a picture on my phone! :smile:
  2. That's so cool! It's always exciting when you see celebrities out and about.
  3. Fun!
  4. I like him - nice to see someone famous!