Jim and Jenny in Hawaii

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  1. Silly-faced couple Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy take a break away from showbiz and snuggle up together during a Hawaiian getaway on Saturday.
    Jim, 45, and Jenny, 34, have been together for over a year and still looked very much in love as they basked in the tropical heat.
    Ever the clown, Jim larked around in the ocean as his lady reclined on the beach in a black halterneck bikini. Jim then entertained Jenny with some jokes as he dried off before the pair cuddled up to watch the sunset over the Pacific.
    Jim recently signed on to star as the lead in gay prison movie I Love You Phillip Morris. The Spotless Mind star will star as a conman who makes a number of prison escapes for the love of a cellmate. Interesting…

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  2. How cute!! They look happy :smile:
  3. that tank top is a little risque for the usual family group in Hawaii!
    Adorable couple:yes:
  4. What a great couple - love them both
  5. wow - he looks really out of shape.

    love her though!
  6. They look so sweet. I want to go to the beach now! Too bad it's raining here.
  7. Too rather funny people..makes an oddly good match!
  8. I still have a hard time realizing they are together, but they look really happy. Good for them!
  9. Me too! And so glad we could see Jenny's nipples. LOL!
  10. They are such a cute couple IMO. His hair is way to long.
  11. Wedding bells anytime soon for these two?
  12. they are perfect together. the fact that they're happy together makes me happier than it should.lol

  13. It must have been cold at the beach! LOL

    I think they look so stinkin cute together!
  14. I love them together
  15. I think she's adorable.