Jilly Flats... Are they comfortable?

  1. Does anyone know if the jilly flats are comfortable? I want the lurex ones in chocolate... when did they come out?

  2. the chocolate ones are a department store exclusive.... they're very c omfortable, you just have to get past the 2 day breaking them in period... I wear mine all the time to work (the khaki) and my boss loves them!!!!
  3. I ordered the magenta ones at the store and they are on sale now for $59. Only problem is I ordered my regular size 9 that I always wear in Coach flats, and they're too small. The Jilly's run TTS, and of course there are no 9.5's left, so I have to go exchange them.
  4. Are they as comfortable as the valari flats? I have those in a 7.5
  5. They cut the back of my heel the first day I wore them...but now they are really comfortable.
  6. I just bought 2 pairs and I'm wearing them around the house to break them in. So far, very comfy!!
  7. Comfy yes, but I did get a blister the first day I wore them (but then I live in Uggs and Crocs and tennis shoes most of the time). But now that I have broken them in, yes!
  8. that's strange that they dont fit, I normally wear a 8.5 and bought the jillys in an 8 and they fit fine... but everyones feet are different!!
  9. Hi,

    I really want a pair of the Coach Jilly flats in black. Any idea where I can get a pair now that they are not on the Coach website??
  10. Hi! Welcome! The only thing I'd suggest is either eBay or Bonanzle since they're an older style. Someone else might know otherwise but going by the date of this thread they're probably not in outlets anymore either.

    But I'm a new Coachie so I could be wrong. HTH! :smile: