Jills Warning Of The Day........

  1. Listen to me VERY CAREFULLY........:wlae::okay:

    NEVER EVER drink (KILLER)lemondrop martinis at Cheesecake Factory..ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.......and then proceed to answer a phone call from your fave CHANEL BOUTIQUE...

    EXTREMELY hazardess to yer bank account........:crybaby::nuts::yahoo::yes::tup:........

    YES.....It will be here tomorrow as I overnighted it...ROFLMAO......OMG.

    I got the BROWN POCKET IN THE CITY BAG AT..**GULP** 2995 plus tax....**GULP**......and yes....I just bought 2 bags yesterday too.....along with like 6 pairs of fall shoes...Im so rippin up my cards after this..heehee....OK..NOT.
    I shall post pics tomorrow!!!!!Hope I love it..I had a hugely disappointing LV delivery today...LOL!:rolleyes:
  2. Wow
  3. wow--can't wait to see the pictures!
  4. Jill, you are my hero. I would drink and shop with you anytime!
  5. Liquid courage! :smile:
  6. ROFLMAO.....That was an incredibly strong martini blend too...LOL..Tasted like lemonade..I swear...LOL!
    Im surrendering my cell phone till I sober up off the martinis.....NM will end up callin me next and Ill be totally dead..heehee!!
  7. You go Jill! I LOVE living vicariously through you! ;)
  8. LOL...thanks for the warning, Jill! BTW congrats on your Brown Pocket in The City ...and all your other goodies that you bought yesterday! Don't forget to post lots of pics for us to drool on!:wlae:
  9. Jill?!??!?!?!? I can't believe you got another bag. Can't wait to see the pics tomorrow!
  10. Congrats!!! The sky is the limit!!! Too much is not enough!!!
  11. Wow Jill!!! You're really a goddess! LOL! Congrats and I can't wait to see the pics!!!
  12. Congrats!!! At least drinking and shopping is better than drinking and driving - the accessories for example - handbags vs. handcuffs.....hehehe.
  13. You help me decide whether to get the one my SA put back for me, OK??!! Did you get the large? That is what I have put back. I am going back on Sunday or Monday to decide--so you should have yours by then : )
  14. The large one is very boxy and the flap one is thinner.
  15. Yeah, shopping is more fun with martinis. lol. Syntagma & I had the apple ones at the Cheesecake factory on Tues. in Houston. lol. I didn't do that much damage though. Can't wait to see your pics.