Jill's Pics

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. They have their own room !? That is impressive ! ;)

    I like your Chanel flats, and there are so many Pradas !
  3. More pics coming-My daughter(!) is doing this for me because as she says .....her mom is computer illiterate!
  4. Wow. Beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest.
  5. What a great collection! Love the Chanel flats..
  6. Love that Prada :biggrin:
  7. wow very impressive!
  8. Wish I could have a room for shoes and handbags!
  9. I have a really big master bedroom...it had a sitting room built onto it...so when I was recovering from a major surgery ..I had an excuse to have a closet guy come in and make the entire room into cubbies for all my shoes and handbags...excuse the mess...I literally threw all the bags in a pile and took pictures..I really normally treat them well!!where are my other pics??!
  10. Wow - it is a trunk show in your closet; lovely bags and shoes. :biggrin:
  11. Delicious! My eyes went straight to those Chanel flats!
  12. 0o0o00o0 wow! me too! that was the first thing that totally caught my eye!

    your collection is totally beautiful... thanks for sharing!!! :love:
  13. Love the Chanel slip ons(?) in the back. Where o where did you get those??? Must have!
  14. Great collection. Thanks for posting! (Or thanks to your daughter!)

  15. You have the conte de fees patchwork bag!! I LOVE THAT BAG!:smile: