JILLS NEWEST GAUFFRE...YES.I need an intervention..LOL

  1. [​IMG]

    Many thanks to DJO.I purchased this from him at Saks in person...Super nice SA....LOVE this bag!!!!:heart:
  2. OH MY GOD! JILL! THIS IS FABULOUS!!! The braided handles do it for me! They come in a few different shapes, right? This is the nylon version right? I saw it a few days ago at Harrods and thought "wow! one of the PFers must have gotten this!"
  3. ^THANKS! What sold me is the extra messsenger strap..and its a diff color..like an olive green..LOVES!
  4. :sweatdrop: :roflmfao: :lol: I was getting worried...I have not seen you post something new this week!!! Cute bag.
  5. Very nice. The gauffre is starting to grow on me! Congrats!
  6. ^^ Congrats Jill!! It's TDF.
  7. Congratulations.
  8. oh yes! i just noticed the oliver green strap! High-5 jill! Both of us have got new bags today! :biggrin: Oh yes, do you specially buy a charm/keychain for your bags?
  9. ^NO..BUT I think I must start buying charms now..LOL....HEE!HEE!
  10. congratulations!!!
  11. Wow...so cute!!!
  12. Jill!!! I love all your Prada bags. If I could afford it, I would be buying the same ones. Love your style. I especially liked the brown leather tote you purchased recently.
  13. Haha. I was at Harvery Nichols after getting the bag at Harrods, and saw this fantastic Etro Crown as seen on the other thread.. And also bought a Dolce&Gabanna keychain strap which is really amazing!
  14. I love the color.
  15. Very nice!