Jills New Gauffre Bag!woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. [​IMG]and its not overly ginormous..its the most perfect sized bag!! 12 x14..woohoo!!SO HOT!!LOVE!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG] and it has side pockets...so perfect for my cell...
  4. Congrats to you, Jill! You're on a roll lately! Enjoy your newest acquisition!
  5. Great bag, Jill! Congrats.

    That same bag is featured prominently in a Prada ad in today's New York Times. Good thing that you snagged yours early, because I think this new Gauffre line is really going to be HOT!

    Just curious, where is the Prada logo (that little triangle?) on this bag? And the hardware is gold, not silver, right?
  6. BEAUTIFUL!! That is really one cool looking bag! I love that it is also zip top! Gorgeous bag, Jill. I agree that this bag won't be in stores long (may not even hit the floors!) -- Congratulations!
  7. I think this bag is really awesome too! I like how the straps that runs by the side make it more playful! Congrats!!

    BTW is it as slouchy as the previous one u had? Does the whole bag flatten when u lay it down?
  8. Congrats Jill! =)

    woohoo!!!!!! and it's a zip top :love:

    Totally worth every cent.


    Now waiting for you to get the brown!!!!
  10. Its slouchy like the other one..but not as much because it has more form with the zipper and straps.It has SILVER hardware,NOT GOLD..which I like better..personally.
    the Prada triangle is on the one side I didnt photograph..its silver too.
  11. will take pics later..when I get dressed ..wearing it..the size is so perfect..
  12. hey jill, the bag looks beautiful!

    since you're the prada queen, what are the different prices for the various sizes of bag?
  13. This bag comes in 3 sizes, I think Jill's one is a medium.. I was just in Prada today as well and I almost nearly bought the same bag! It's truly gorgeous.

    However, the SA told me that they will also be getting this is a military green color, and as I prefer that, I placed an order for it! :wlae:

    OMG, I can't believe I'm buying 2 Prada bags in a space of a week! I need to go into BagAA!! :banned:
  14. ooh..ME WANT GREEN TOO..LOL...My SA didnt tell ME that???HHMM!!!!!!!!
  15. Huphup Jill. Nah don't get Green, you just got a Dior in that color right? ^_^ I think the size of the one you got is PERFECT, you must look FAB with it. Waiting impatiently for pics. =)
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