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  1. LOL.....Ok I had like a few drinks out..after receiving the WRONG COLOR BAG AND AFTER FEDEX LOST this so called bag for 7 hours.I had the worst day over a stupid Chanel bag.:tdown::crybaby:
    SO......I had a few ruby red cosmos....choc martinis........and I am now ready to show you the pocket in the city bag in GREY.It looks dark brown....IRL.I ordered the BROWN which is a reddish brown..but was sent the WRONG BAG...SNIFF...SO HERE IT IS.......WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    Im gonna go to SHort Hills and look at the REAL brown one tomorrow.They have it on hold for me.2 hours of driving because THEY sent me the wrong bag.Im so disgusted ......:tdown:........HOW many freakin Chanels do I buy per month???HELLO???AND They cant send me the right bag????????LOL?:wtf:
    I aplogize in advance for mis spellings.....slurred words.Chanel nearly killed me with disappointmt today...LOL......ARGHHH!!!!!!!!!
    I am goin to spend some time with my man now:graucho:...LOL...Enjoy the pics..Ill let ya know what happens at SHORT HILLS tomorrow.UGH.I may have lost ALL love for this bag over this ordeal.SERIOUSLY.

  2. [​IMG]
  3. PS-My 11 yr old calls this a GRANNY BAG....LMAO...OUCH.......

    so I went out tonight wearing...........JUMBO BLACK CAVIAR FLAP..with new chain!!!!!!!SO HOT!WAY nicer...LOL...OY
  4. Thanks for posting. The bag does look great on you - I don't see the Granny look. Hopefully, you will come back from Chanel with the color you wanted. They better be super nice to you!!!
  5. here is the back of the bag
  6. I really like it!

    Jill, you look very pretty!
  7. I like it!
    Lookin' pretty girly girl!:tup:

    . . . . .Granny bag :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. My 11 yr old is "ALL HORMONES"....So I take nothing she says to heart...LMAO..OY....she thinks Im an old fart........OH WELL.
  9. ALSO..I want u all to know this the the VERY FIRST bag I have spent OVER 3000.oo dollars on...OUCH..It came out to 3200 with tax and was VERY painful.....HEEHEE...I thought spending 2000 on a bag was BAD...OY!
  10. Jill, we are so warped. . . our idea of "not so bad" gets a little more expensive every season!:lol:
  11. ^Ain't that the truth! LOL

    Love the bag - and it look great on you! You are NOT an old fart BTW!! LMAO And even if you were you would be one STYLISH old fart!
  12. Am i totally warped for spending 3000 on a BAG??????????LOL???I feel so guilty....its weird!!!!LMAO!
  13. Jill
    You look amazing!!!!! Like Amanda says we are slowing getting conditioned to think 3K for a Chanel "is not bad"!
    I am on the reserve list for the Sharpei bag and it is over 3K!!!
    Anyway, just wanted to say you look great with that bag.
  14. i can feel your disappointment.. i hope u find the real brown pocket bag tomorrow! :tender:

    A little digression.. I love that black top you're wearing!! :love: sexy!
  15. thanks for the pix jill. seeing them changed my mind about this bag. i didn't think i would like it, but it looks really good on you. the size is great. now i need to go and check this bag out in person.