Jills Mj Curse...continues...!omg!lol!

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  1. So you know how I got the WRONG bag from Elux...THEN I ordered the correct Leather ursula tote from Nordstroms????????GUESS WHATS COMING..LMAO............................:hysteric: .............................I sat in my jammies till noon..waiting for MR FEDEX..he never came...OH MY GOD.
    I call Nordstroms..they cant find my bag..it never shipped out.....oy vey....here we go again folks...# hours later and over an hour on the phone with CUST SERVICE......They find my bag in the wrong bin..BUT OF COURSE,They are NOW SUPPOSABLY shipping today for tomorrow AM delivery..
    I give up..I am cursed..LMAO...what next?????AND I had to ask(AFTER ALL THAT) for them to refund my delivery fee...HELLO???????LMAO!
    I have a bad feeling about this bag...like its not meant to be..HA!HA!HA!
    ALL THIS FOR ONE MJ BAG........................................
    Lets see if it actually shows up tomorrow..STAY TUNED......:rant: :crybaby:
  2. You know it's gonna have a chain on it....or it will be patent leather....or maybe, just maybe, it will be another Chili Hudson. Think positively. Send positive thoughts.
  3. OMG - what a nightmare Jill! I am sorry, hopefully they will get it right this time :censor: :flowers:

  4. it will be a tote too.

    Jill, so sorry. I can't believe it happened again. not to worry, your bag will arrive.
  5. OMG again??? They better refund your shipping! And hopefully it'll get to you tomorrow *hugs*
  6. Jill - I'm crossing my fingers for you...I have a similar situation in terms of shipping, so I can completely relate. My stomach hurts from wanting the package to be delivered SO badly. Sad, isn't it?
  7. they said it will be here by tomorrow at 10 am..HA!HA!HA!..
    **cross your fingers!!!!***
  8. good luck! i hope the bag you get is everything you dreamed of!!
  9. JILL + FEdEX = problems lol
    Good luck, I hope they deliver on time and send the right bag.
  10. Oh no! I think this bag is a tease!! Hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow safe and sound and exactly as you hoped for. Keep us updated!
  11. ^ the funniest thing is I am afraid I will hate the bag now for all the CRAP it put me through..LMAO..oy vey...
  12. WTF! you poor poor girl! I want you to stop waiting around for this bag and get out there and spoil yourself to another wallet, or maybe another bag... you deserve five after all this! keep us posted! i should be home by 10 am tomorrow (no work SCOREEE) so hopefully ill see a thread saying GODD@MIT FINALLY ITS HEREEEEEEE!
  13. :wacko: :wacko: ^amen!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Are you SURE you ordered the bag? LOL! Hopefully in the morning you will be happy and we will have a new bag to drool over!
  15. its 915 am..no bag YET..LOL..OMG....
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