Jill's Consignment???

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  1. I have read on here that Jill's stuff is legit, and just made my first purchase early this afternoon. Money was removed from my paypal account, but the item is still listed as available and I never heard back from these people. I even tried adding it to my basket again to see if the site would allow me, and it did! Any thoughts?
  2. I know Jill's Consignement is legit but never purchased from them before. I have contacted them once for question but they never got back to me. Their phone number is 904-731-2065. You could give them a call to find out.
  3. I've had good experiences from them. I've never emailed them questions, but have called them. I know that their site doesn't immediately indicate that something has been bought. I've put something in my basket, entered all my payment info only to receive an email the next day saying it has already been sold. You kind of have to hold your breath until a confirmation comes saying your payment went through. HTH!
  4. ^^I've had a similar experience. I've bought an authentic LV from Jills, and have had good experience. When I bought my LV the PayPal went through right away, and I got my bag a few days later. I also tried buying a Chloe, that still showed that the item was available after I "bought" it. I later got an e-mail from them saying that my purchase was cancelled because the item had already been bought by someone else.
  5. I think I'm just use to deal with Ann, from Ann's Fabulous Finds, who gets back to you RIGHT AWAY. My paypal payment went through, and the money was deducted from my account, but no word from them. Only an automatic order confirmation stating:

    "This is an automated message acknowledging successful initial
    processing of your order placed on the World Wide Web."

    Thanks girl, I'll try calling!