Jill's Consignment the real thing?

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  1. I have purchased several things from them, all authentic. So IMO they do sell authentic items. I think they used to do authentication as well. HTH!
  2. Yes, they sell authentic in my experience.
  3. I believe Jill's Consignment items are legit. I have also heard they have good customer services; however, my personal experience with them was not that great. I have emailed several times about one of their items but never received their reply. That was very disappointing...
  4. i purchased from them before -- authentic..

    but their items go soo quick!! i was never able to pick up any of the chanel items.
  5. I've bought from them and can vouch for their authenticity. Their descriptions are very accurate as well. However, customer service is lacking, if this is something important to you, then beware. I've emailed to ask for additional photos and was flat out denied ("no, we don't have more photos."). They ship fairly quickly but once the wallet I ordered was barely wrapped up and stuffed into a flimsy FedEx envelope.
  6. has anyone purchased from this website?
    is this a legit site?

    i really would like to buy a fendi bag from her site


  7. Her items are authentic:tup:
  8. Has anyone outside USA bought from her? I bought a bag from her before and used my mail forwarding company to ship to Australia, but I know that they say on their website they to ship internationally with flat shipping of $40... I asked if they can do combine shipping of 2 items that I like but their reply "We arent shipping internationally at the moment" which is different from their shipping policy. She doesn't seem to be very helpful.

    Should I just buy the item anyway from their website or forget it? Such a shame they have good price chanel bags.

  9. Would pass. their customer service is not very helpful and would

    not want to be frustrated for lack of communication...
  10. Glad I lucked onto this thread!

    Is anybody here familiar with a company in PA called

    Handbag Bliss??


    They claim to be authehtic. But I'm afraid to buy from them.

  11. I wouldn't buy from them for several reasons. (1) The physical address is a strip mall with a UPS Store. (2) 10% restocking fee (what a scam!). (3) Domains By Proxy domain registration (people do this to hide there real location/identity). (4) Claim to get their bags from wholesalers. Designer houses don't do wholesale to any old person. The paper work they refer to is often faked.
  12. I am not happy with Jills Consignment! I have purchased many items from Jill over the years and have found her to be very snobby and downright rude to deal with. As well, I once consigned items with her and she shows no loyalty at all to people- very greedy person. But having said that I have put up with her 'attitude' because I have received some pretty good items and some not so good.

    What I don't like, for International customers...it is not a First come First serve Policy with this company: You will pay for your item with PayPal and pay the shipping fee and then a day later you get a refund and a note saying the item is sold out. I have had this occur many times, when I know that Jill just sells the item to a customer in the USA because she is too lazy to fill out the custom forms for the international customer. But she has no problem selling an item internationally when it is sitting on her site endlessly. As well, she sells her 'wares' on ebay and there has been customer dispute for the authenticity of her claim/goods. So, as in everything caveat emptor- buyer beware.