Jills Consignment has some Bottegas!

  1. Jills Consignment Store has had some great BV bags coming through lately. Unfortunately, they come and go very quickly! FYI... there is a beautiful deerskin satchel on sale for $695:graucho:
    bottegadarkbrownleatherbag2.jpg bottegadarkbrownleatherbag.jpg
  2. The bag is classic looking but not my style, though.
  3. I actually snagged the Campana from them...just received it today and absolutely :heart: it! Thanks for all the pics posted by tPF members of their Campana. Couldn't resist the bag nor the price!
  4. they get a lot of great bags... and deals are often pretty good. except, i'm always too late... i've tried to place an order before, only to get an email the next morning that it's been sold. :crybaby:
  5. You got that? Congratulations! I have that Campana in the same color and love it! Can I ask what you got it for?
  6. Hi Marly,

    Snagged it for $895:smile: Is that a good deal?:confused1: It's in brand new condition. Not a smudge on it.
    I have NEVER taken a risk on a bag without having gone to boutique to try it out, but I just fell in love with it by all the pics posted on tPF (Belen wearing hers) - YOUR pics sold me on the black! I wanted a BV for so long, but didn't want to pay the retail price. It is a wonderful style - the double handles have that beautiful woven detail on it. I did feel a bit guilty dropping $$$ on this bag, but I felt it was an awesome price for a BV!
  7. I'm not Marly, but what a great deal for a brand new BV! :smile: Enjoy in good health, and may she be the first of many!
  8. Lovely.
  9. Do they update their website constantly? Or they put their latest things in the end?
    Cause I went to their website so many times, but seems they never remove the things they sold and all the bags on the same page are always the same.
  10. ok, my bad, I just saw they updated
  11. do they have a website?

  12. I'm so happy for you sunshinesmilee, and what a great deal! I've been using mine and loving every minute of it. The leather is just luscious. Congratulations.
  13. Congrats on your GREAT deal, sunshinesmilee! :yahoo:

    Any chances of pics please? :yes:
  14. Yes, that's a great buy! You saved yourself a few hundred dollars there! You have to act fast w/ Jills Consignment-the good ones go fast! So, good timing- Share some pics sometime:yahoo:
  15. may i ask what colors you gals got the Campana in? the medium or the large size?

    i LOVE that bag.