Jilliane's beloved bags!!

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  1. Louis Vuitton:

    Mono Speedy 35
    Azur Pochette



    HMW small black hobo w/ turqouis hangtags
    Yellow Optic wristlet
    Scarf Print Demi
    Legacy Cotton Signiature Tote

  2. lovely!!
  3. Very nice collection! I love all the Coach.
  4. Beautiful collection ... love the speedy 35! Is that you carrying it in your avatar? It looks good on you:smile:
  5. Sweet:love:
  6. Nice collection, I love your speedy!:yes:
  7. yep..that is me!! thanks for the compliment! I'm glad it doesn't look too big on me....
  8. Nice Coach collection!
  9. Love the yellow coach! Nice collection!

  10. AWW THANks...that's funny..i don't like my coach collection that much..the only thing I reallly LOOOVE is the scarf print demi. the other's are just kinda there..hee hee...oh well!
  11. nice collection
  12. Very nice collection! I'll be adding that azur pochette to my collection soon :yahoo:
  13. Cute collection! =)
  14. :smile: nice collection, thanks for sharing.
  15. i love yr LVs:heart: very cute collection =)