Jillian or Lena

  1. Hi,

    I am looking to buy either a Jillian in sand or a Lena in honey. I have never seen either of these bags for real, so does anyone have any opinions? Which one is more practical/heavier/cuter in real life??

  2. I had a black Lena and wasn't a big fan of it...the leather is not very soft and I found it awkward on the shoulder, the two straps just didn't sit properly..(not on me anyway)

    I know the Jillian is extremely popular, though it's never been a bag I've lusted after, the ones I saw IRL, looked stiff and heavy...Lots of people here with Jillians, I'm sure they'll rave about it!
  3. I have a Jillian and had a Lena. They are really like apples and oranges. Both bags are a substantial weight. Not hugely heavy but no lightweights. The Jillian is very heavily pebbled/distressed and the Lena Smooth. Both bags are stiff-like. There is the possibility that the Lena will smell funny. Many of us had them that stunk like fish (from the dyeing process). The Lena is deeper and can ultimately hold more than a Jillian. The Jillian has a rather odd roundish shape and is only 8 inches high. I personally prefered the Jillian's funky look over the more conservative Lena but it's all a matter of taste and what you are using it for.
  4. I think the bags are really different. Of the two, I prefer the Lena. I love the honey leather and my bag that is honey has a really subtle metallic sheen in bits that is so pretty.
  5. Both! The Jillian is smaller (I have it in the brown) and the Lena is bigger (Slate) I'm saving the slate Lena for the spring. The Lena fits over my shoulder and stays on it pretty well as I can see. I wore my bourbon Jillian last year and it was great - I had the Sand color brand new but sold it on eBay because I felt it was too light and I'd get it dirty - plus I felt the pebbling looked (IMHO) weird on the Sand color - but others love it.
  6. thank you guys!!