Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones

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  1. Has anyone tried out this DVD? I've been using 30 day shred (along with doing various workouts at the gym), but wanted another DVD to switch it up.

    Was just wondering if anyone had any opinions. I was thinking between buying this or the Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism and went with this one since it uses weights.
  2. I didn't get this one, I got the other one you were deciding between and I loved it - the only thing is that it seemed it used/recycled a lot of the similar moves from 30 day shred and it was also very cardio intensive - mostly cardio lower body with some boxing and ab work thrown in. Let me know how you like the no more tourble zones dvd, I was thinking about buying that one next.
  3. I got a set of four DVDs from AMazon
    30day shred
    banish fat, boost metabolism
    no more trouble zone

    I just started No More Trouble Zone last friday and it is more of weights then cardio. It was HARD!!!
    I alternate that with 30day shred..but I also do pilates and zumba at the gym too..
    My weight loss journey is still a long way..
  4. So I did NMTZ today and yeah....weights galore! That's what I wanted though, but it's nothing like 30 day shred. I had to do some adjustments because some exercises were just too hard for me to do (then again working out after running errands all day long and not eating too well = bad idea!). It feels like a good workout though, and will add some variety to my routine.

    I also do Zumba along with other group fitness classes and time on the Precor crossramp.
  5. yeah, it is nothing like 30day shred and I was on level 2! today is my 2nd day with this DVD and I only managed 70% of the workout. I had to use a 3lb weight instead of 5 or 8lbs..I plan to alternate with Shred and other gym classes..
    Zumba was hard!!! I need a different shoe for that!!
  6. I have the Nike Musiques and they are great! You can buy them online from DSW or Zappos if you don't have a Nike near. This dvd will get some used to, but should be worth it.