Jillian Michael: 30 Day Shred

  1. I just did this for the first time today! Anyone starting??
  2. I started today! Kicked my butt! I can't believe how out of shape I am.
  3. I tried this but it killed my knees!
  4. I'm on day 9 of this, still on level 1 but planning to start level 2 tomorrow. unbelievable how out of shape i was and how much my endurance has improved in only 9 days.
  5. 30 Day Shred is what I call my gate-way DVD...it was the 1st one I bought and now I have nearly all of Jillian's DVDs. I rotate through them and they are all awesome work-outs.
  6. I'm a nutritionist and actually started some of my clients on this DVD. One of them called to tell me that she now hates me. LOL.
  7. Haha. I don't LOVE it but I'd rather do this than go to the gym. I do feel stronger but I'm not sure if I am going to look any different at the end of the 30 days
  8. Agreed Ahs ... I mean my endurance has improved and I feel stronger, my stomach HAS flattened a bit (but I've also completely cut out carbs) -- i can't help but wonder if its actually doing anything for my body's appearance. :thinking: I guess I'll have to wait and see after the full 30 days.
  9. Any one still doing the Shred?
  10. I just started it today. I had to stop with 5 or 10 mins left because I was dying! (I'd already gone on a run earlier that day, so maybe that was it?) I don't love it as much as her other DVDs but I'm curious to see the end result.
  11. Just bought it this weekend will start tonight after work. Anyone have updates?
  12. Hi, did you go through all 30 days?

    Or anyone?

    Does it get more intensed the day after the other?

    Wondering if I should buy.
  13. I personally think that this workout is good, I really enjoyed it but I had to stop because I was totally out of shape and I decided to restart it later when I have built up more stamina, but I did last 5 days! Right now, I'm slowly building up my resistance with my elliptical trainer... slowly but surely!
  14. I just recently started doing the shred again (not doing it every day though, I like to change things up) and I absolutely love it!

    I fell off the exercise wagon last winter and started again this spring, but didn't do the shred right away because of a sensitive knee and all her cardio moves can be a bit tough on it, but now I'm enjoying it :smile: still doing Level 1 right now, but will do Level 2 soon!

    I usually do some more strength moves afterwards, but I love how you get a good workout in just 30 minutes. I really want to check out some of her other DVDs now...
  15. Hi, I did go through the 30 days, but not in a row, as I also have a personal trainer at the gym, and I did not want to do both trainings on the same day.
    When you do the same level it gets easier day by day as you do the same moves. However the next level is challenging.

    I did see some improvement, but I also do cardio and the side and strength training with a trainer so not sure to what extent the improvement is due to the 30 day shred.
    I would recommend to do it though, it s quite easy, very short and a fun workout as you do different things during 20 mn.