Jillian in Sand or Bourbon? Kelsey or Paige?

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I know I can rely on you all to come up with great advice. My 'first born' Kooba arrived in May (delivered via the sales bin in Nordstoms, Bellevenue, WA) - a gorgeous Kooba Jessie in Java. I absolutely adore this bag and it has made me hooked on Kooba, hence my arrival on this forum. Am I the only one that seems to love to hug my bag frequently?

    I'm now considering a Jillian. I know a few of you have one and wonder how you find it, do you love it and why? How large does it look on your shoulder and are the flat handles easy to use? I'm torn between the sand and the bourbon. Any thoughts?

    As I love my Jessie so much, I'm thinking of a larger version, maybe the Kelsey or Paige. As I am only small (5'2") I'm thinking the Kelsey might be my best bet, correct me if you think I'm wrong. Any advice??

    Dilemmas, dilemmas....
  2. Mini-This photo was posted in the "Next" thread started by ViciousBliss. PC has been raving about her Jillian-hopefully she will see this and give you some advice.

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  3. Alexis, thanks for the photo. I really love the bourbon colored Jillian. I've seen one for $399 but it seems a high price for eBay. I wish I'd looked a month ago, just after the sample sale. At the moment I feel I'm in danger of buying both the bourbon and sand, because I like the look of them both. The sand seems to be available at $299. $100 difference is a lot but I do love that bourbon color - so good with jeans.

    Lexie, I saw your Kelsey advertised on eBay today, I'm sad to see you getting rid of it. I've been thinking of a Kelsey as an option, but I'm not sure about the boxy 'bowling bag' look around the zip area and the fact the bag is quite wide under the arm, I kind of think I might find it uncomfortable and that the Paige may work out better for me, except it's larger and I'm only 5'2" tall. Maybe it would swamp me.
  4. Mini,

    I, too, have the Jessie and love, love that bag. It seems to be the right size even though it looks small. And the leather on that is soft even though it is the pebbled.

    The Paige you are considering is huge and weighs a TON. The Kelsey may be inbetween in size but is VERY STRUCTURED and is somewhat like carrying a shoebox under your arm, very rigid.

    The Jillian is a neat bag, I love the rocker chick look. If you must have a shoulder bag, this is iffy on that. It fits over your shoulder but has two straps that do not lay on one another well. I only use it as a shoulder bag on occasion for short times.

    The Jillian holds alot for a smallish bag, more than your Jessie. It's belly pooches out.

    As far as the colors, I love both Sand and Bourbon and will own both colors someday.

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  5. Mini, I know I mentioned this in another thread . . . that I'm from that same area in Washington State. I'm pretty darn sure I also picked up and looked at that very same Jessie that you ended up buying at Nordstrom. I know I saw a java Jessie at Nordstrom in May on the sales tables, picked it up, sighed and put it back. When I went back there a couple of days later, it was gone!! So, it was you who got it!
  6. Let me tell you that I have fondled both the sand and the bourbon Jillian at Saks, and I couldn't decide which one I lusted for the most. Purse ban, purse ban, purse ban......pant, pant pant.....

    I loved both colors. The sand had a lot of golden tones to it, and you could see the detail in the pebbling just as evident as the bourbon color. I wasn't fond of the black one at all, though. The Jillian took on a totally different look to me in the black color. Some day you will all see me with a posted picture on this board with either one of those Jillians! Good luck to you, minimouse.....
  7. bourbon jillian because i like it better, the san is just kinda goofy lookin to me... and the bourbon is on my wishlist!

    as for the paige vs kelsey, go with the kelsey! i would ;)
  8. Mini, can I ask how old you are? The reason is, The Kelsey is a very nice bag but it is a bit fuddyduddy-ish to me. A little old lady-ish. I am 44 but I feel young and I think the bag looks old. Does that make sense. It would be perfect for a more conservative business like woman. A Kelsey and a Jillian are apples and oranges. The Jillian is young, cool, kinda rocker chick like. The 2 bags are so different.

    I agree with Lindy about everything. The Kelsey is very structured. Not quite like a shoe box but not far from it. It actually has very soft straps that feel wonderful in your hand. The Jillian is little stiff but it does hold more than the Jessie but lacks those wonderful pockets.

    The Paige is a nice bag but quite large and if you fill it up, you better get a Ortho Doctor on you list...LOL I do think after all my meanderings that I may like the Paige better than the Kelsey as it is more casual.
  9. Oh, that was just on sale at my store near me..not Saks , Bloomingdales. I do not know all the styles that well, but I do know what I like. I think it was 20% off all bags on Saturday. They only had very, very few styles and this was one of them. Lovely bag!!!!
  10. Okay...well that was a pic of my baby, my bourbon jillian. I bought her at the sample sale along with a java jessie whm i also love. The Jessie sits nicer on my shoulder and I LOVE those outside pocekts, however I keep finding myself throwing on that boubon jillian when I want to look nice. She is a shoulder bag but doesn't hang as easily as the jessie. Not many kooba's do in fact.

    Still, I would give 4 stars to my bourbon jillian. It is a beautiful color, much prettier and more versatile than the sand. HTH!!!
  11. I do wamt to add that at 5'4, the kelsey was WAY to thick for me, my arm stuck out so far. She was adorable, and I had gone to sale intending to buy her but no dice. Totally uncomfortable and stiff.
  12. You guys are simply amazing with advice. Thank you so much.

    Ladysalesrep, we both agree on the Jessie, I too adore that bag. I picked it up because of the colour (java), not the brand (which I'd never heard of). Now I'm hooked on the brand because of the quality and comfort. It's also very practical with pockets on both sides. I've now seen pics of the khaki and think I like that too.... noooooooo, I mustn't go there, I must resist!!!

    Okay, the Paige is out as it's too big and too heavy for me, and Kelsey is out because I really want my elbow near my body! It's a shame, because I thought it had the same look about it as the Jessie, except that it's larger, which would be ideal for those 'hoard in the bag' moments.

    Oh Youngster :sick:, ooh.... I think I did buy the Jessie Java in Nordstroms that you were looking at. We'd just got back from a trip to Cabo, then we went to Bellevue sometime after May 6 and it was there, sitting in a great big bin of bags. I'm really sorry if you went back to buy it. How about this fab Jessie on eBay
    Did I happen to miss out on any other fab Kooba bags in those bins?

    Both the Jillian bourbon and sand are definite contenders for me, I adore both those colors. However, $399 on eBay does seem a little steep for the bourbon, otherwise I'd buy it. I'm wondering whether this style of bag might still be around in December, when I'm back in the States. Mind you, I'm an impatient female, so I'm not sure I can hold out. I can see myself buying both before then.

    Providencechick, it's great to have your comparison of the Jessie and the Jillian, since I have a Jessie. I think you've helped confirm my decision, that I definitely want a Jillian, even if it doesn't hang as well on the shoulder.

    Lexie, I've hit the big 40. However, everyone seems to think I'm 10 years younger. I get what you're saying about the Kelsey. I think the boxiness of it possibly makes it look a little more conservative, which is not really the look I want, I do prefer a younger type of bag. I really do adore the squashiness of my Jessie and the fact it just seems 'grungy' and I thought the Kelsey would be the same, since appearancewise (from photos), it has the buckles and pocket. Sounds like I'm totally off the mark. The Paige sounds better for, but only if it were smaller and lighter, so that's out.

    Rainbow, the lady selling the bourbon Jillian on eBay said she bought it at Bloomies. It's good to hear they sell them.

    Compass Rose, I think we both have the same dilemma, which color Jillian??? For me the issue is becoming not WHICH color, it's becoming when to buy them BOTH!

    Forgive me ladies, I'm seriously not a big spender on an ongoing basis, but there's not an awful lot of good shopping in Saudi Arabia, so I end up coming back to the States once a year when I can do some decent shopping. I didn't know about Kooba when I first arrived back in the States, I only came across the brand during my final few days in the States and then investigated further when I got back to Saudi Arabia... the Internet is so dangerous!
  13. Not a problem Mini! I just drooled over the bag you bought but never intended to buy it myself so I'm just really glad you did! I enjoyed seeing that java color in person. If I recall correctly, they had a couple of more Jessie's but I swear they were in raisin, which I didn't know that Jessie's came in. There may have been one or two Mackenzie clutches. I think that may have been it as far as Kooba's were concerned for that particular sale at Nordstrom. (They did have some Gusttos which I tried on but I have a hard time getting past that yellow interior lining.)
  14. Oh Youngster, you make me feel so much better. I love my java Jessie. It rocks!
  15. :smile:Ladies, Nieman Marcus has the Kooba Jillian in Bourbon on sale for $327 - use the promotional code SUMMER and get free shipping - I just ordered mine and cannot wait!

    I was looking to buy one on Ebay with a buy it now of $398 when I thought I would surf a little bit and see if I could find it cheaper from a retailer. Wella!