Jill was bad...again.....HEHE.....

  1. Presenting the QUILTED BLACK SHARPEY BAG......HEHE...

    Oh DID I mention I just got an email stating my dark silver FLAP SHARPEY came in today too??????ARGHHH......LMAO...What timing!!!LOL!Jill needs an intervention...BAD!LMAO!

  2. Intervention??? NO way!!!! lol.... love love love the bag! Congratulations!
  3. Ill post modelin pics in the AM......In jammies..LOL
  4. Congrats Jill!
  5. nice one!! :tup:
  6. :wtf: have you run out of closet room yet?:lol: cause, you know, I have some room in mine if you'd like to rent some space....
  7. Congrats. I always enjoy your pix.
  8. wow, another sharpey! congrats!
  9. Congrats, Jill!
  10. Love it, looking forward to seeing your modeling pics. Enjoy the addiction.
  11. Wow I didn't even know they made a quilted Sharpey. It's gorgeous!
  12. Jill your collection is mind blowing! Enjoy!
  13. congrats! Can't wait for your modelling pics.
  14. Jill when are you not bad? :p I wish I were as bad as you! lol congrats on the gorgeous new bag!
  15. LOL jill ur too funny! can't wait to see modeling pics~~~