JILL NEEDS SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!in Cancun?

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  1. Im booking a long weekend trip to Cancun....cuz its a quick flight for a short trip.(ALL I need is a nice beach,sun,and a drink in my hand!!!)
    ANY ideas which hotels..are the best?
    PHH once stayed at Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun and liked it.ALOT...for a medical conference.BUT THAT was a while ago....

    Any feedback on the hotels there and whether to go ALL inclusive or not?

    Id appreciate any and all help in this area.....:wlae:
  2. OMG I stayed at that hotel and they STOLE my ipod and my friend's digi camera from our room and then mgmt. made it seem like it was our fault :mad: :rant: :mad: :censor:

    Too bad though, b/c it really is a beautiful hotel!!
  3. ^ARE U sure its the same hotel..There are 3 in CANCUN that start with Fiesta Americana?


    **Jill slowly unpacks her designer items....**
  4. When are you going Jill? I only ask...just keep in mind that beginning of March is Spring break!!! Lots and lots of younger people!! KWIM?
  5. I sure am positive...I would NEVER forget a hotel that did me wrong...

    But on that note, I would not discourage anyone from ever going to Cancun, its a wonderful, relaxing place :yes:
  6. Jill I cannot help with your question but just wanted to say have a brilliant relaxing time. I would so love a holiday right now :yes:
  7. Jill, will you be shopping in Cancun, or is your husband taking you away to get you to stop shopping for one weekend??? LOL LOL

    This is a relaxation trip.....eh hem....NO MEN ALLOWED.

    trying to convince Megs to join the party...Girls weekend!

  9. I know..Actually the reason I picked this area is because its a quieter resort in Cancun..off the beaten path.....no teenyboppers.......at this hotel.I just want sun..Im too old for the partying..well..sort of..LOL!
  10. Mexico in general is simply AWFUL during March/April due to spring break. We went to what was described by our travel agent as a "quiet resort" during the month of March outside of Puerto Vallarta a couple years ago. It was filled with drunk, loud and obnoxious college kids. We were very specific about not wanting a resort filled with kids on spring break - my father had just died after suffering horribly from cancer for a year and my husband and I desperately needed a break after the stress of his death and grief. We were assured that because this resort was outside of town and expensive, there would not be any kids there partying. We arrived and the first thing we saw in the lobby was a pack of them being loud and staggering around drunk at 1:00 in the afternoon. It was downhill from there. NOT A FUN TIME. I hope you have better luck.
  11. Gee Jill, didn't you just come back from a vacation?!!![​IMG] Just kidding! I don't know any places but if it's great where you do stay let us know about it!
  12. If you want to try a more relaxed setting, off the beaten Cancun path, look into Playa del Carmen (Riviera Maya). It's about 35 to 45 minutes from Cancun, and is a quaint (but growing) beach town.....and you have your choice of adorable boutique hotels or all-inclusive resorts.

    It's a 30 minute ferry ride to Cozumel (nice day trip) and within an hour of the Mayan ruins inTulum (great beach area too) and 3 hours from Chichen Itza.

    Also, Playa has one of the best beaches, with the most fabulous water....and great restaurants and bars too! Not sure how infiltrated it gets with spring breakers, but my guess it's less than in Cancun!!

    Just a thought............
  13. have fun! i went to cancun years ago so i dont really remember much. all i remember is beautiful clear blue waters and jewelry shops haha! oh yeah drink only bottled water! =)
  14. I was going to suggest Riviera Maya also. The Aventura Spa Palace is AMAZING! Look at the pics online, they are beautiful! Everyone else I know who sayed there loved it!
  15. Ok..I think everyone talked me outta Cancun...Looks like ARUBA now...LOL....
    Less spring break crowd..more expensive but as long as it has a beach..Im a happy clam!!HEHE!
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