Jill, Jill, Where art thou?

  1. Haha..This thread is meant to be amusing. It's been a few weeks since I've seen Jill's new purchases. I kept coming back to the Prada forum because of her fabulous purchases. Who else wants to vote that Jill needs to purchase some Pradas for all of us to look at?! haha! Don't you guys think it's time for her to do some hard-core shopping at Prada?
  2. I always love jills purchases.
  3. She was over on LV not too long ago. She said something about not feeling well IIRC....?? :confused1:
  4. Haha I couldn't resist making this thread!
  5. I think she's making a big LV purchase today :smile:
  6. Yeah, I miss her too, but she's got some non-forum things keeping her busy right now.

    Can you IMAGINE? Not having time to hang out on tPF? Tragic! :roflmfao:
  7. Ya Jill, we all miss you, but you hv been naughty recently!!! Jumping from Prada to Chanel to LV and where else?
  8. what's IIRC? :blush:
  9. ^^^If I Recall Correctly. ;)
  10. LMAO!!
    Im here guys!!!I did just buy a 3000 dollar LV..(Yes..I cheated on my Prada!!LOL!!)
    been busy with personal icky stuff.....I promise u will see me posting a new Prada something by weeks end..hehe!!!or I will go into PRADA WITHDRAWAL!!!!
    Thanks!!!!Miss u guys too!
  11. OH.....and.....Thanks to Prada Psycho(ENABLER!)...I got to order the brown gauffre wallet this week!HEHE

    Im not ignoring u guys...Please know that..Im just super caught up in some personal stuff at home and Ill be back soon!LOVES YA ALL!
    So dont be upset if I havent returned your PM's!!!!Ill be back to my normal posting self soon!!!!!
  12. Yea! We miss ya and can't wait for some serious prada pics in the near future!!! :yahoo:
  13. Credit it to me for causing rage in the forum hahahahha...
  14. PHEW!!!!!!!!! I was wondering the same thing....Ha! -- Have to skip over to LV to see the new bag hehehe!!!
  15. :devil: You're most welcome, Hon. :devil:

    It's hard for some of us to fathom, but there IS life outside tPF! Don't sweat it, Jill. We're patient........patiently waiting pics of the latest conquest that is!!! :roflmfao: