JILL IS A MOCA MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!hehe!

  1. [​IMG]


    My MM neverfull MOCA arrived today and I couldnt LOVE HER MORE!!!TOO CUTE!!!!
    That hot pink lining is TDF!!!!!!!!!!
  2. OMG! SHE IS ADORABLE!! I really want one of these! You are so lucky hun!! You wear her awesomly!!
  3. Congrats! looks great on you!:tup:
  4. I'm so jelous! i really want one of those!
    Congrats, it's gorgous!!
  5. Very cute- congrats!
  6. LOVE IT! You have to bring this bag to NYC next week!!!!!
  7. :woohoo:Congrats! Cute!
  8. yay, congrats!
  9. This bag is so quirky and fun!
  10. Congrats Jill! She looks great on you. ;)
  11. aw u make me really can't sleep now!!!
    mine is still in the post office, they said they will deliver this bag the day after which is in a few hours! it's 4 AM now and i can't sleep because i can't wait to get my bag LOL
  12. congrats Jill! looks good on u
  13. Congrats Jill! Great bag and fabulous on you!
  14. Yay! congrats, looks great on you!!!!
  15. Hands down, that is a HOT bag. Congrats.

    And you're coming to NYC next week? PM me and I'll send you info on sample sales.