Jill!!! Help!!

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  1. Being the Prada queen here, I figure you've seen this one up close and personal:


    If you (or anyone else here) have seen it in person, does it have the fabric lining or leather?

    Merci! :heart:
  2. ^ I think it has Prada logo fabric..someone just bought that in the Prada forum..ask them...
  3. Thanks! I sent her a PM. :idea:
  4. its fabric lined, I just bot one of these today, but another model..
  5. Thanks. :flowers:

    I'm actually stunned to hear that given the obscene prices of the Fall Prada bags. I would have thought for sure it was leather lined.

    Can you say: The Devil Wears Prada price increase effect? :wacko:
  6. ^ The bags are verryyyy expensive- but gorgeous nonetheless :shame:
  7. It seems to make more sense for slouchier bags to have softer linings, no?
  8. Not always. This little lovely has BEAUTIFUL lambskin leather lining.:yahoo:

  9. I was also surprised to hear that it has a fabric lining. Maybe it's due to the weight?

    As for price increases, everyone seems to have gone overboard this fall and raised their prices significantly. :crybaby: Even Burberry Novacheck wallets have gone up 20% (the exact same models, and they aren't even leather!!!!). Still love them though!:smile:
  10. I'll let you know about that as far as the gold one above:

  11. can't wait to see pictures!!!
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