Jill Has Baby Twins Now!!rofl!

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I mean....Chanel baby Cabas Twins...hee.hee....You think I like these bags..or what!!!!!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  2. Cute! Congrats! :P
  3. :yahoo: OMG I love that blue! (..and of course the black!!) Congrats!! Did you just buy them???? Thanx for the pics!! :heart: Emmy
  4. TEAL just arrived today!I got the black one last week....
  5. Love them both!!! Congrats Jill! =)
  6. Congrats Jill, beautiful bags!!
  7. Wow congrats!!! The bags are just beautiful!! :love: :yahoo:
  8. Congrats! Those are gorgeous bags!
  9. I really love the Teal.:love: Argh, where's that money tree?:sad:
  10. Congratulations Jill!!! gorgeous!!
  11. wow! what a beautiful blue!
  12. Aaah so jealous! Twins are a lot to handle, you know. Let me adopt one!
  13. Love them both. The blue is hot.
  14. Beautiful! I think you should go for the khaki too and make it triplets!
  15. The blue is beautiful! Great bags!:wlae: