Jill Greenberg

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  1. She’s a photographer. Her latest series involves crying children. There’s some controversy over how she got those children to cry. People even call it child abuse.

    (She gives the child a lollipop and then takes it away.)

    What does everyone think?
  2. Here's the link to her site: Paul Kopeikin Gallery - Jill Greenberg

    Here's some of her work:

    **PLEASE DONT post naked children pics on the forum..NOT ALLOWED..regardless of the "ART"point of view.******************

    I don't find it abusive per se, but I think it's a pretty mean way of getting your subject to do what you want it to do.
  3. I think it is quite disturbing. There is little in this world that is innocent one of them still being children. I don't think this is art this is merely a way to seek attention
  4. I think the fact that they are naked (I know they're mostly headshots but still) is a little more disturbing than the fact that she upset them. If she were a good photographer she would be able to capture the moment a child was upset, she shouldn't have to manipulate them just so she can get a good shot. Thats what a good photographer does IMO, captures a moment.
  5. I was watching a news report about her, and nowhere in the report did it say those pictures were nude. (I would never knowingly post nude pictures of children here.)

    When the artist was interviewed, she said that people commenting on her site called her a child molester. At the time, it seemed a bit too extreme for me, but I guess it makes sense now.

    I apologize everyone!
  6. I don't like them at all they are disturbing, those kids look like they were crying over more than a lollipop. Who are those kids parents anyway? I would not request or want a picture of my child like that.
  7. I don't want to disturb you nice folks any more than you already are, but the part about this that turns my stomach is that there are freaks and predators who "get off" on looking at nude photos of children who are crying, have been slapped, hit etc.I won't go into details but some of us psychologists on this forum have worked these cases (we see the damage when the child is brought to our office) To think that this woman is essentially giving them "material" kills me.
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