Jill .. check this out

  1. wow..
    I just got back from K of P MALL!
    I got the CRUISE GM AND the freakin cutest cruise flipflops from LV..Im so dead its not funny...ROFL
  3. Awww, be sure to post pic's
    I was hoping to catch you before you made the purchase.
  4. OMG how amazing is that? WoW!
  5. PHH is here..eh..hem.....will post as soon as the coast is clear..
  6. What is retail? Oh Jill hurry up I really wanna see pics of you with it just incase I want this.

    Hurry hurry. LOL
  7. Beyond gorgeous!!! Congratz.
  8. oh, Jill, you are soooo...:busted:girlsigh:

    oh so lucky...:P
  9. LMAO..He thinks I went looking for a new curtain rod..eek..if hes sees the LV bags..IM DEAD..
  10. retail is 2040.00 US ?
  11. ^ YES! Plus 6 % tax in my case..heehee..
    wait till you see the cruise flipflops I got...WOOHOO! LOVES THEM!
  12. you are funny jill! i can't wait to see the bag!
  13. aw jill, i cant wait to see!
  14. I took a pic of it in my laundry room ..where its hiding..LMAO..and a pic of the shoes too....Give me 5 mins..Ill post...hee.hee