Jill Biden's Inauguration boots

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  1. I know politics aren't allowed here, but I just wanna know who's boots she's wearing! Thanks :smile:
    (That's the best picture I could find so far)

  2. Those look like the Angelina Jolie boots ... Choo? Just a guess.
  3. They appear Choo-like to me, as well.
  4. i think she dresses so cute. she had a cute little purple dress on yesterday too.
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    are kenneth cole reactions.. they run for 100.00

    here is the link~

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    They're actually by Stuart Weitzman. They're made of the stretchy microfiber material with leather on the back of the heel and up the back seam.
  7. Don't know who designed them, but they totally remind me of a pair my Mom had in the early 70s...very retro looking. They are awesome!
  8. They look great on her!
  9. I thought they looked great. I loved them!
  10. I thought she was so cute but i really didn't think it was appropriate for the event. I would rather see her in something a little more dressy. But she does dresses very well!

  11. I was thinking the exact same when I saw her. :yes:
  12. i like how she dresses, but her outfit at the inauguration did not befit the event. it looked a bit too casual. i love her boots though.