Jill And Jen Hit The Soho Prada Store!!lol!

  1. WELL........Jen and I met up at my fave Prada store today and had a nice brunch too.
    Taylor..my talented 11 yr old...took some SPYCAM pics for u..hehe......
    Here u go!
    OH..Jill got:
    GREY bowler Gauffre...GUESS WHAT?ITS HALF LEATHER/HALF NYLON!LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!:tup::heart:Havin all my stuff shipped so I dont pay tax.
    ALSO Got:
    TDF black wallet with the coolest gold clasp on it
    Metal and leather chain belt(OMG!ITS SO HOT!)
    Purse mesh keychain(SO ADORABLE!)
    Sad to find Prada tops no longer fit my newest acquisitions...LOL...
    Met SONIA..she is such a sweetie.....and it was so fun to meet her.
    Taylor,my daughter, ALMOST got a Prada jean jacket but they didnt have her size left..hehe(PHH woulda evileyed it anyway!!!)

    Jen...after we left u ...I found MORE KILLER STORES!!!!!HEEHEE!
    I got the cutest peeptoe SIGERSON MORRISON baby wedge shoes AND quite possibly the HOTTEST Rebecca Taylor dress!!LOL!
    ANyway...I had a blast meeting Jenskar!
    The SA's at Prada were too funny..one came up to me and said r u the famous JILL?I nearly died of embarassment..heehee....Ive been emailing and phone ordering so long there..YET never met the gals at that store TILL TODAY!!!!!!
    What a neat store...has a skateboard like ramp...Hard to navigate around it..but very cool architecture wise!
  2. Cool! Can't wait to see pics, Jill! =)
  3. Excellent Spy Cam pics - Taylor did a great job! :tup:
  4. lol...i have more......ill post later...im wiped!
  5. Oh you were not embarrassed! You loved every freaking minute of it! LOL
  6. We had SUCH a good time !! Jill is a great shopping bud, let me tell you. Practical too -- I kid you not !!

    Jill I am SO glad you found baby wedges -- I am jonesing over the ones I tried on (black wedge peep toe and the black/green fade peep toe.) Was ever so practical and bought some of the new Prada brown distressed suede ankle boots (I have not even seen pics of these anywhere) -- great chunky heel (not low, not high). Fell in love with a patent fade bag (smaller black to silver/white version) with the silver hardware and handle. 2150 for that.

    Boots being shipped -- but I'll have to go back as a. have to buy hsb a present and forgot what size shoe worked in the style he likes (distressed like the boots on the auction site and look book) b. might need that little scissors thingie in the spy cam case c. definitely need the socks without toes ....

    Big question -- buy the black patent Elie Tahari trench I tried on in darkest green (if I can find the black ... the green was pretty hot but I own nothing green -- nothing ...)

    Jill's purchases are to die for -- wait till you see pics.

    Wish you all could have been there !!!!
  7. [​IMG]

    here is me,JILL(ON left)..JEN on right!
  8. JEN..U MUST go back and get that trench..(and the Prada wedges...ROFL!!!)
  9. PS-I wore my gauffre bowler today(thank god for that messenger strap!LOL!)
  10. dang! sounds like a blast!

    can't wait to see pics!
  11. Can't wait to see the Grey Bowler Gauffre.....
  12. Love the picture of you two ladies!! Glad you had a nice day -- it was perfect weather for you. Can't wait to see pics of Jen-n-Jill's loot!
  13. Sounds like you guys had so much fun! Love your pics!

    Can't wait to see the bag pics!!
  14. Sounds like you ladies had a fabulous time!!
    Btw, Jill and Jen, you girls look gorgeous :love:
  15. thanks for all those great pics, including the ones of your glamorous selves : ) ..that was fun!! i think i felt the shopping rush hehehe