1. we both bought Chanel earrings..from none other than our own PFer DJO
    **WAVES to DJO!!**

    Ok..I also bought 2 pairs of kicka*s shoes..LOL....


    Then Doulos and i went out for dinner and drinks..LOl..Had fun!Doulos -post pics of yer Chanel earrings!
    And I must say that DJO is a fab SA..he packed up our earrings SO well.. for us ..we had a blast shopping with him
  2. I so love my new earrings!!! I had sooo mcuh fun last nite!!
    cabas3.jpg cabas 1.jpg
  3. AWESOME Jill!!! You have made some great friends on the pf!!! GREAT!
  4. DJO is most definitely a super fabulous SA!!:yes: DJO, thank you sooo much!!! I can't wait to go back and see what else i come home with;) .
  5. Why did I have to move from NJ?!!?!! I want to go. Great earrings. And the shoes, remember I wear 8.5 as well.........
  6. Where is Damien from? I meant to ask him that on the phone the other day. He doesn't sound like he's from PA.

    Great stuff, and sounds like you two had an awesome time.:drinkup:
  7. that's so cool you guys have met off the forum!
  8. You can always come to visit.
  9. YEP! Coachwife can stay at my house anytime..We would have a blast shopping and chatting!
  10. Jill, do you have a nanny? Between shopping trips and going out you are like a rock star!!!:nuts: :nuts:
  11. awesome, great earrings!
  12. everything is soooo cute!

    Love the earring and shoes.
  13. How fun!!! Love the earrings girls! And of course, the shoes are cute too Jill - lol.
  14. Sounds like great fun! Love your purchases, ladies!
  15. Lovely.